Molly And The Movie Star | American Girl Short Stories

Hello Fellow Doll Fans! Today I will be reviewing a 2000's era American Girl Short Story book I found at a Store near my house for only about 5 dollars. I got 2 of them but today I will only be reviewing one. This book is called Molly And The Movie Star by Valerie Tripp.... Continue Reading →

New AG Catalog Highlights/ New AG Products

Welcome Back Fellow Doll Enthusiasts! Today I got in a new catalog from AG and I would just like to review it and fill in the highlights. The beautiful cover. In the top corner it says: Create Your Own (CYO) dolls now with new choices! New Hedgehog house! They are so cute! Okay, at first... Continue Reading →

American Girl Outfit Trend Of The Week

This early summer morning outfit is the perfect way to start your day. Kit's Pink-ish purple sweater is perfect for those chilly summer mornings. Later in the day when the weather get hot, just take the sweater and tie it around the waist reveal a flowy¬† ¬† sleeveless dress. Also perfect for church services. Behind... Continue Reading →

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